I stand with single parent families

Single parents tell us that they are a low priority for political parties. Add your name if you agree it’s time to change this narrative.

Single parents, who battle life's challenges with courage, resilience, and determination, deserve our recognition, support, and solidarity. That's why we're rallying all political parties to put single parent families at the top of the agenda.

By adding your name, you’ll be sending a powerful message: single parents are equal families, and their voices matter. 

Together, let's shape a more equal society where every family gets the support they deserve to thrive

  • I became a lone parent very unexpectedly and I was not prepared for this journey which can be very tiring and feeling hurt and disappointed. I would love to support this. Lawrencia N 04.07.2024 09:35
  • Because we need visibility, understanding and consideration. A quarter of the next generation in the UK is being raised by single parents. I believe that supporting them and their parents is the key to positive future for everyone. Sian A 02.07.2024 12:35
  • Remi B 02.07.2024 11:18
  • Equally & fairness for all families Chris R 02.07.2024 10:39
  • I have been a single parent myself and know how hard things can be Karen H 30.06.2024 00:10
  • In support of friends who have raised children alone Marian W 29.06.2024 23:37